When you suspect that someone around you is not feeling well - dare to ask questions!

Maybe you’ve noticed that someone around you is not acting quite like him or herself? Perhaps a reduced degree of facial expression, changes in their movement pattern, or just a sense that something isn’t quite right. An indication that a fellow human being may not be doing so well. It’s always worth asking: “How are you doing?” 

Do you get the sense that your question is answered rather casually? Such as: “I’m fine”, even though such answer does not at all agree with your perceived change in behaviour? Try asking your question in a different way: 

How have you been feeling lately? How are you feeling in your soul? How is your day going? 

With a bit of ingenuity, asking about someone’s well-being can be done in many different ways. By rewording a question, you increase your chances of getting a different answer as well as a different reaction. And you can always ask again. 

Remember, your question carries no risk and can really pay off. If nothing is wrong, you’ve only been nice. If something is wrong, you may have helped save a life. While you may never know exactly what your question leads to, you can be certain that your compassion makes the person at the other end of it feel seen. A valuable contribution regardless of where on the well-being scale that person is. 

So, don’t hesitate – just ask.