• Material: Acrylic (glassy surface 3D)
  • Fastener: 3x strips with double-sided tape.
  • QR code: Takes you to alwaysmind. Find help here!
  • 55x85 mm Mental First Aid cards with watchwords and QR code are also available for ordering
  • If you are interested in a larger number of boards or want to take an even more holistic approach to incorporating the concept, please send a request for a quote to


When lecturing and talking about the topic of mental health, the by far most common question I get is: What can I do as a mother / coach / friend / boyfriend / younger brother / teammate / educator etc.? That, along with an often-expressed fear of possibly doing the wrong thing. My understanding is that there is a longing for support when we suspect that we, or someone close to us, may suffer from mental ill-health. And that’s exactly what the Board wants to provide – the support.

The Board is not intended to serve as a strict manual. When it comes to human beings, there will probably never be one. We are all different individuals, and our relationships with each other differ. But we’re also fellow human beings who encounter each other in our everyday lives.

The idea is not for us to act as doctors or psychologists. Nor should we act as magicians. After all, we do have a fantastic healthcare system and other professional practitioners and organisations. Using the QR code on the Board, you’ll find a compiled list of their contact details. 

My hope is that the Board will be found where people are. That its signal and content will give people that extra courage, strength, and the words to do what we need to do when the situation requires it. 

Helena Reje 

Helena Reje


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