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Do you or someone you know need help? Hopefully, you will find the contact details you need in the list below.  If you feel that an important organisation or other stakeholder has been left out, please contact us at , and we’ll add them to the list. 
Alkohollinjen (alcohol helpline)

If you want support in changing your alcohol habits or if you are worried about someone else.

Open non-holiday weekdays. Monday–Thursday 11:00–19:00 (11 AM to 7 PM), Fridays 11:00–16:00 (11 AM to 4 PM).

Phone 020 84 44 48 

Anhöriglinjen (helpline for family members)

A national helpline run by Anhörigas riksförbund. If you need support in your role as a family member. Phone 0200 23 95 00

Emergency number

Police, ambulance, and rescue services. When life is at stake, and you need help now.

Phone 112

If it is not an emergency, phone 114 14


Bris (Children’s Rights in Society)

Bris – support for adults. Phone 0771 50 50 50

Bris – support for sports coaches regarding children. Phone 077 440 00 42

Bris – support for children and adolescents up to age 18. Phone 116 111

Brottsofferjouren (crime victim helpline)

Support if you have been the victim of a crime, if you are related to a victim of a crime, or if you have been a witness to a crime.

Phone 116 006

Dopingjouren (doping)

Provides information, help, and support. Questions can be asked via the form on the website.

Droghjälpen (drug helpline)

For everyone affected by drugs. Information, advice, and support if you are questioning your drug habits or if you are worried about someone you care about.

Mondays 09:00–19:00 (09 AM to 7 PM) and Thursdays 09:00–16:00 (09 AM to 4 PM).

If the line is busy, you can leave your phone number and be called back or stay on the line.

Phone 91 91 91 


Svarar på frågor om akuta förgiftningar dygnet runt, året runt. 

När det är akut ring alltid 112 och fråga efter giftinformation. 

När det är mindre akut ring 010 456 6700

Jourhavande medmänniska (on-call fellow human)

If you need human support at night.

Open every day 21:00–06:00 (9 PM to 06 AM)

Phone 08 702 16 80

Chat with an on-call fellow human being 

Jourhavande präst (on-call priest)

Open to everyone needing human support at night. Whoever answers is bound by confidentiality, and you can be anonymous.

Call 112 and ask to speak with the on-call priest.

Kvinnojouren online (women’s helpline
Kvinnofridslinjen (women’s helpline)

If you have been subjected to violence or threats.

Open 24/7.

Phone 020 50 50 50

Kyrkans SOS (SOS of the church)

If you want to talk about the difficult things with a fellow human being.

Open weekdays 13:00–21:00 (1–9 PM) and weekends/holidays 16:00–21:00 (4–9 PM) 365 days a year. 

Phone 031 800 650

You can also send an e-mail to the emergency inbox.. 

Livslinjen (life helpline)

Mind. For young people who want to chat with someone about their thoughts and feelings. Those who work there are volunteers and people over the age of 23 with basic training in providing human support.

Livslinjen chatt 



A national helpline that you can call if you feel that you’ve lost control of your sexuality, if you feel concerned about your thoughts and actions, or if you’re afraid that you might harm yourself or others. The call is free and does not show up on your phone bill.

Phone 020-66 77 88

Refugee Line

If you have fled war or some other crisis and are currently located in Sweden. Sunday through Thursday 18:00–21:00 (6–9 PM)

Phone 020 150 110 

RFSU (Swedish Association for Sexuality Education)

Chat function where you can ask questions about sex and relationships and get personal answers from a midwife, sexologist, sexuality educator, or psychologist.

RFSU chatt

Självmordslinjen (suicide helpline)

If you are having thoughts of taking your life or is you know someone who does. Open 24/7, 365 days a year.

In case of acute suicide risk, call 112.

Phone 90101

Stödlinjen (gambling helpline)

Offers free self-help meetings for gamblers and family members.

Phone 08 37 43 00


Helpline if you have lost someone to suicide.

Phone 020 18 18 00

Stödlinjen (gambling helpline)

For gamblers and family members. Are you worried about your own or someone else’s gambling for money? Call or chat. It’s free, and you can be anonymous. 

Open weekdays 09:00–17:00 (09 AM to 5 PM)

Phone 020 81 91 00

Stödlinjen chat

Äldrelinjen (helpline for older people)

If you are 65 years or older and are suffering mentally or longing for someone to talk to.

Open Monday through Thursday 08:00–19:00 (08 AM to 7 PM). Volunteers answer the phone, and you can be anonymous. 

Phone 020 22 22 33

Ätstörningslinjen (eating disorder helpline)

A national eating disorder helpline through Frisk & Fri. Call with any questions or concerns surrounding eating disorders.

A national eating disorder helpline through Frisk & Fri. Call with any questions or concerns surrounding eating disorders. 020 20 80 18

If you are a family member who needs support, phone 020 12 50 85