Today is International Women's Day. A day that pays attention to equality and the situation of women all over the world. The holiday has existed since 1910 on the initiative of a German named Clara Zetkin, and has been celebrated in Sweden since 1912.

Unfortunately, just today there were statistics that more and more calls are coming in to the Poison Information Center in Sweden about young girls and women who self-harm with the help of medicines. The report for 2022 shows that the trend is that there are more and more young people who deliberately take too high doses of medicinal preparations. Likewise female adults. The number of calls from young people between the ages of 10 and 19 who poisoned themselves with the intention of self-harm was 6,018 last year. This means an increase of 25% since 2021 and 70% since 2020.

According to the news media, work is said to be underway with measures to solve some of the problems, such as knowledge for parents about storage and that more work needs to be done towards the healthcare system. In addition, it may be necessary to prescribe medicines in smaller packages. However, the problem remains, why do so many young girls feel so bad that they feel the need to harm themselves?

Always Mind adds web address and phone number Giftinformationscentralen i ”Här finns hjälp” immediately.


PS A small increase also for young boys and adult men but not to the same extent as the female side.