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Always Mind aims to manage, educate, and guide in the area of mental health – well-being and ill-health. The company wants to increase general knowledge as well as inject strength, courage, and words to give mental first aid. We believe that the best conditions for taking care of mental health are createf together, on an everyday basis. That goes for our own mental health as well as that of others.


Helena Reje

Helena Reje

Hello, I'm Helena Reje and I'm the founder of this website. As you have probably already figured out, I'm passionate about the topic of mental health. If you ask me, there’s no topic more important in life ;-).

My reasons for being so interested and involved are several, but above all, I have witnessed the ultimate consequence of mental ill-health: suicide. The person I lost was my mother.

An important aspect to consider when talking about mental health is that it’s precisely that – mental health. A concept that involves both light and darkness, well-being as well as ill-health. As humans, we have both sides inside of us, trying to balance them as best we can. With individual differences, of course. And it’s important to remember that we are not static but that our mental health lives with us and changes over time.

Regardless of how you found your way here, your presence shows that something piqued your interest, and that makes me super-happy. Because I think... Actually, let me try that again. I am convinced that it is you and I, as fellow human beings, who can make the absolute biggest difference. That we can notice an imbalance in someone before the darkness takes over. You could say that the watchwords speak, ask, listen, and respectare a kind of first aid. After that, we may need additional support, and that’s where all the wonderful helplines and organisations come in. Not least, the healthcare system.

I don’t know if you are the one suffering, or if you suspect that someone around you is. At the moment, it may be neither. But if you ask me, the likelihood of you encountering mental ill-health in some form at some point is 100%. It’s kind of part of life. But thanks to the companies that have invested in this project, we can invest in human beings – colleagues, friends, sisters, fathers, bosses, and you.  

With love




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