If you are not feeling well, try to tell someone about it! 

If you’re struggling, you need to share that with someone. Why? Because even if the experience is very intense for you, it may not be obvious to others. Unfortunately. There is not always a direct correlation between your inside and your outside. That’s why your words are so important. Whatever it is that you’re carrying inside you – be it a darkness, a pain, an emptiness, a sadness, or a sense of being lost – it needs to come out. 

You may not be able to share everything you are or are not feeling. You may not even know exactly what’s happening inside you. But if you can find the courage, the strength, and the words to give someone just a little insight into your situation, you give yourself an infinitely better chance of getting help. You also give those around you the chance to help you. 

Because help is available when those around you understand. You are not alone.